Hi, I am Jim VanDerlinde and I have been involved with a variety of operations over the last 20 years. I have rented, owned, sold, managed, bought, leased, added, diversified, and multiplied. From the show barns at Madison to managing 3000 commercial cows and a little of everything in between. I help dairies build more income. At every stop, I have been involved with adding cows, barns, and labor. Some of the latest technology and some of the dumbest fads. Currently, I tinker with 480 Jerseys in Central Pennsylvania. I have a degree in Dairy Science from Morrisville State College. I created Dairyhack to bring those experiences to you. In an easily digestible format that is fun and practical. Inside Dairyhack we talk about farm growth, diversifying into other enterprises, and the stupid things people say when they are trying to extract money from your soul- you know, salesman. I'm so glad you could make it. Let's get started!  

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"Liked your brutal honesty on the subjects. My biggest thing is I always read these articles and everyone that has grown everything is great. Is it always? I mean we are doing OK. But things are tight. I would like to know more from these articles in Hoards like how did you structure your financials to make it work? But nobody likes to talk financial stuff. At least that's it seems. Anyways keep up the good work."

-Matt Byrnes, Iowa

"The **** you are writing about is real. And it's not just you, it's all of us."

-Derek Csendom, New York

"Jim, You are spot on with this." 

-Jake Smoker, Indiana

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